What to see in Ba Be, Ha Giang, Bac Ha, Sapa

Jul 13th 2018

The north - eastern region of Vietnam covers the provinces of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Ha Giang and Lao Cai in the mountains bordering China.

To understand your trip off - the - beaten track in this region, we can take as an example the following itinerary:

Hanoi – Ba Be – Ha Giang – Bac Ha – Sapa – Hanoi

This itinerary lasts one week. You make a big loop in the mountainous region of Vietnam.

To discover weekly markets
The most attractive activity is to see the weekly markets: Lùng Khấu Phìn, Đồng Văn (Sunday), Mèo Vạc, Bắc Hà (Sunday), Mường Khương (Sunday), Mường Hum (Sunday), Cắn Cấu (Saturday), Cốc Ly (Tuesday) etc ... each market opens on a fixed day schedule such as Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday. It's up to you to plan your trip to see the most beautiful colorful markets in Vietnam.

Les femmes H'mong au marché Bac Ha

H'mong women sell incense sticks at Bac Ha Market, Lao Cai

les Phu La au marché Lung Khau Phin, Ha Giang

Phu La women sell incense sticks at Lung Khau Phin Market, Ha Giang


To meet different ethnic minorities groups
Meetings with ethnic minorities in their villages offer you the best moments filled of emotion and feelings. These are new appointments or greetings with local teenagers when you visit their hamlet. It is through this channel that you learn their culture, manners and customs or their daily life.

Les femmes H'mong au village Taphin, Lao Cai

Black H'mong women embroider the tissues by hand at Taphin village, Lao Cai


To see the terraced rice fields
The terraced rice fields become the irresistible beauty of your journey. Whether it's the young rice after transplanting or the yellow plots near the harvest, you will be amazed at the grandiose painting by the local people.


les rizières en terrrasse aux villagex Lao Chai Ta Van

Terraced rice fields at Lao Chai & Ta Van villages, Sapa

The magnificent natural landscapes
The houses on stilts, the houses built on the same floor, the mud houses or the thick walled houses of Fu La minority group in Ha Giang are the master-pieces by the indigenous people of all ethnic groups in the north - eastern region of Vietnam.


la femme Tay au séchage du riz à Ha Giang

Tay woman drying rice at Trung Do village, Ha Giang province

Villages populated by different ethnic groups become more attractive everywhere in the northeastern region of Vietnam: children have fun on the ground, elderly women at the door of their house, people in the rice fields at harvest etc ...

Come discover all these beauties of the Northeast Vietnam as soon as possible before they disappear.

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