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Vietnamese cuisine is refined and less spicy than that of Thailand or less oily than that of China.

Indeed, Vietnamese cuisine is known all over the world first with the "nuoc mam - salted fish sauce" or the "nem in the North of Vietnam and cha gio in the South - the spring rolls". During your trip to Vietnam, you will savor the real dishes with the local flavor that is quite different from those you taste at home in Vietnamese or Asian restaurants.

So, what should you taste during your trip to Vietnam?

North Vietnam, especially in Hanoi

1, The nem or spring rolls:
it is a typical dish of origin of Hanoi. It becomes famous as and when in all of Vietnam and then abroad. It is no coincidence that you find this dish on the menu of Hanoi restaurants in Saigon with the different name - chả giò or nem cuốn.

2, Bún chả:
You have two different dishes at the same time: white rice vermicelli and grilled pork in the form of small balls. You taste them with spices, good aromatic herbs and spicy fish sauce and garlic.

3, Chả cá:
The fish of the river "cá lăng" is served as the only ingredient. Cá lăng - a kind of freshwater fish lives in the big rivers. You see it in a saucepan that serves to fry the pieces of fish with coriander and onion. You will taste them with white rice vermicelli "bún" and peanut.

4, Bia hơi:
The draft beer or "Bia hoi" is omnipresent in Hanoi. You see the plates "Bia hoi Hanoi" which decorate the gargottes by front where we see the men only. It is rare to see women in "bia hoi"

5, Phở & bún:
Phở or soup broth includes several names: phở bò - rice noodle soup with beef, phở gà - rice noodle soup with chicken.

You also find the other similar dish: bún "white rice vermicelli" namely: bún cá - white rice vermicelli with fish, bún ốc - white rice vermicelli with escargot, bún riêu - white rice vermicelli with crabs fresh water either from the river, the water pond or the rice fields.

6, Bánh cuốn:
These are soft rice cakes, stuffed with small pork meat, mushroom and fried onion. You taste them with the sauce brine "nuoc mam" spicy.

7, Caphe trứng or coffee with eggs:
It is only in Hanoi that you find this cafe. The origin of this famous special drink is invented by the house "Giang" - a Hanoi family in the 1940s. This is the cafe of the same name that you are looking for in Nguyen Huu Huan Street, precisely "Giang coffee - 39 Huu Huan Nguyen, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

In Hoa Lu, Tam Coc, Van Long in Ninh Binh Province
The goat kebab, a local specialty is on the menu of restaurants in Ninh Binh. The goat is the most famous animal in Ninh Binh province for its scented meat.

In the center of Vietnam:

1, Bún bò Huế: Hue noodles with beef

3, Bánh bột lọc

Hoi An
1, Banh Xeo: Crispy hot crêpe stuffed with soy sprouts, pork slices and shrimp.
2, Banh Vac: "white rose", white rice paste stuffed with shrimp
3, Mỳ Quảng: noodles of wheat flour, with pork, shrimp and broth

South Vietnam: Saigon and the Mekong Delta
Cá tai tượng: elephant ear fish

During your discovery and cruise in the Mekong Delta namely My Tho, Ben Tre, Cai Be, Cai Lay, Vinh Long, you find this local specialty on the menu at the restaurant. It is a big fried fish. You roll the "bánh tráng" rice papers that contain fish flesh, spices, aromatic herbs and white rice vermicelli. Everything is soaked in the bowl of spicy "nuoc mam" brine sauce. It's really delicious to savor.